Monday, 12 October 2009


Welcome to my design journal includes information, inspiration and development of ideas through resources etc. Out of all the Briefs introduced to the group Character Design was straight up my street! After reading the brief I felt a connection with Willie Billiams and could already visualise what I wanted the character to look well as to develop my modelling skills and develop a broad range of Character Concepts. I love drawing and felt that this is more suited to where I want to go. As I am keeping my options open at this stage it looks more likely to be in Character Concepts 2D or 3D....

Some of the things I will be researching are..... character synoposis,type of character, relationship, occupation or interests, setting, physical description, emotional characteristics, male or female, happy or sad, hyper or calm, eager or lack of, fat or thin, stereo types, environment, textures, rigs etc....that will do for now! I'll go more in depth as I develop and plan my project....but right now there is a storm in my brain so apologies if this is a whirl wind approach. But, often that works for me just getting ideas down.

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