Monday, 9 November 2009

I guess it's been a while since I last put anything on my blog.....that's because I've been hard at work trying to model my character - Willie in Maya. I've not really modelled anything in maya and feel a little anxious of the outcome.

At first I had a problem with my Maya - due to amount of stuff on my computer so I spent a great deal of time cleaning up my computer, to create more free space etc. Anyhow, managed to do so so and Maya seems to be fine - no more lagging!!!

I've been using Maya Character Rigging book by Cheryl Cabrera, Digital Tutors and Escape studio, website and help from my mates at college. I have tried diferent approaches to construct the main body. One of them by using the E.P. curve tool and using lattice deformers. I then imported the OBJ file into ZBrush so I can have a play around with it tomorrow (as I am doing post production stuff today using After Effects). It has been a little difficult trying to establish the best method of modelling my character and have been told modelling in Polygons is best approach. But, Cheryl Cabrera tells you to use nurbs as well as digital tutors and many movies on you tube. I think looking at my model as it is quite rounded I have also tried modelling in simple shapes using digital tutors tutorials. I will then try to change the model from nurbs to polygons. I have tried different approaches to familiarize myself with the tools.

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