Friday, 27 November 2009

Unfortunately I did not finish painting weights on Willie Billiums. I am very dissapointed that I wasn't able to animate the character for submission. I have had many problems along the journey of creating Willie. Even though I have set certain tasks to be acheived on set days I have fallen behind due to resolving ongoing problems. This was not unrealistic or too optimistic of me but, rather blissful ignorance as I didn't know what to expect. as mentioned before I have not modeled before let alone rig and animate. After applying lights and camera I set the scene ready for rendering. I have animated a small amount of the character with the weights unfinished just to show how the character would look like. This is no where near to how I want Willie to move but just showing how it would look. I had problems with setting the texture to the eyes as I did not set a shader before combining mesh so at this late stage I've had to render as it is. If I had more time I would correct the distortion on the front of the hood and change the color of the cord attached to the hood and the stitches. I would also have the surface texture on the body slightly raised to give form and definition to the texture. Unfortunately with bump map added it was far to defined in rigidity and depth so decided to take off the bump. I basically need another day to get the textures exactly how I would like it. I am pretty much happy with the overall appearance of Willie Billium and feel that it is very close to my original concepts. Ideally I need another two days to finish it. Faran gave me a really good tip on rotating my character for create a camera and move the character instead of the camera when rotating. This gives a far smoother flow when rendering out the sequence. Cheers buddy! I set the camera and set the key from 1 to 96 which gave (if set at 24 frames per second) 4 seconds of animation.

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