Thursday, 19 November 2009

Modelling Nurbs and Polys.........

Stressful... was up till 3 this morning converting model to polys and merging vertices etc. had some problems with converting but eventually completed. Alex and Steve have been brilliant.....Alex help me relax showing me a few new tools and showing me simple rigging techniques. Was playing around with the texture and UV mapping and found out that I can actually texture on nurbs... Awesome!! In any case at least I managed to learn how to convert and use poly tools to model....

Willy, (as mentioned before) is made of different componants....body, left and right arm, left and right leg, hood, eyes, drawstring detailing, thread, and modeled wearing a gorillas outfit. This is why the arms and feet are long and baggy, to give the impression that Willy is wearing a gorilla suit. I prefer the model in nurbs as the weight of the stomach is balanced against the rest of the body signifying the big bulge of a stomach that Gorillas have. This is balanced by the feet being slightly apart and feet facing slightly outwards. This will give the impression of Willy woddling as he walks. Although, maybe the same weight and detail would occur on the Poly model smoothed out a bit more.

Had a really successful day today. After realising that I could texture on nurbs I decided to focus on the nurbs model. However reference to polys have been supported as I feel that it has helped me understand the differences. Played around with textures today and bump map. quite pleased how my model looks as it is made of lots of different materials. So good seeing how the textures look on the model as it brings it to life.

I took the textures into Photoshop to get the texture how I want it and bump mapped over it. The effect is too exaggerated as I want it to look like fabric not shredded wheat......Shall play around with it. Clym showed me a cool way of changing the flow of fabric to make the holes bigger or smaller or angled etc. Cheers Clymbo! Touched on Rigging.....gonna try rig my model for next week! Wish me luck!

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